Tuesday, July 30, 2019

How to choose the gender of your baby naturally

I'm dr satine patel of north texas IVF the experience of growing a family that includes both male and female children's. One that some parents wish for at North Texas IVF. We understand that the use of genetic screening for the purpose of family balancing. May not be acceptable to everyone. But for those who desire to experience the joys of raising both a boy and a girl. We offer the option of gender selection through pre-implantation.

Genetic diagnosis or PGD. PGD is a promising. Treatment option for couples who are at risk for transmitting a genetic disease to their children. PGD is performed by highly trained embryologists who test the developing embryos at various points. In time during their early progression to screen for any potential chromosomal or genetic abnormalities.

This allows us to select chromosome. Lee normal embryos forimplantation couples who would like toadd to their family without having multiple children of the same sex. May choose to perform PGD for gender selection in this case the x and y chromosomes of the embryos are evaluated to determine. If you will have a boy or agirl by testing the chromosomes of the developing embryos. We can know the sexeven before you become pregnant at NorthTexas.

IVF our success with pre-implantation genetic screening demonstrates our commitment to using only high-quality lab. And embryology services we will be happy to discuss your options for improving your outcome with genetic testing. Realizing that while testing will not change the make up of your embryos it may provide some-peace of mind along your journey to conceive you.

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