Friday, January 31, 2020

Face mask Shortage and Story of canadian

Face mask supply shortage is temporary

Medical supply store in Santa Cruz Manila is about to open for the day as hundreds wait outside hoping to buy face masks.  It's not business as usual though as it needed please help for crowd control then the store representative.  Delivers the bad news no more masks to sell almost all scorers in the bong bong  in Santa Cruz areas.  They have ran out of supplies as a public went on a panic buying spree of  face masks. He's after the health department and asked the neither first nor virus case with limited stocks this medical supply shop just decided to give our surgical masks for free.

 A trade department says there's a temporary shortage of face masks but manufacturers can easily produce millions of these since it is an industrial product the department will also recommend to the president.  We’d like to remind everybody that using a face mask is only effective if you couple it with other hygienic practices like proper hand washing. Face masks as protection against a novel coronavirus.

Government efforts to evacuate Canadians in Wuhan

The impact the new corona virus is having on families and businesses as that virus continues to spread entire cities in China. Mainland China Canada today upgraded its Travel Warning advising Canadians to avoid all non-essential travel to all of mainland China and Air Canada today suspended direct flights to the mainland the government. Wuhan there's no clarity though on when that will happen or where those people will go part of the process now is figuring out exactly what our protocols will be.

When we return Canadians that wish to come home and we're working very closely with our US counterparts who obviously have some experience in this a charter flight carrying nearly 200 Americans from the Wuhan area touched down at an air base in California today. The people were screened before boarding none showed symptoms they've agreed to voluntarily quarantine themselves for three days and Japan brought out 210 of its citizens on a plane today.

 The Health Ministry says three of them have tested positive for the virus the UK is making plans to fly its citizen’s home from Wuhan.  They'll be quarantined for 14 days Australia plans to fly as many as six hundred of its people out of Wuhan and quarantine them for up to two weeks on Christmas Island. More than 1500 kilometres away from the Australian coast at the site of an immigration detention center more than 7700 cases have now been confirmed in China an increase of 1,700 compared to this time yesterday.

 There are more than 12,000 suspected cases 170 people have died there are now more people in China sick with its new coronavirus. The World Health Organization to reconvene its Emergency Committee tomorrow it will determine whether to declare a global public health emergency.  I believe that the world is pulling together to respond to this outbreak.  We are at an and juncture in this event we as whu-oh believe that these chains of transmission can still be interrupted.

Canada is ramping up plans to get about a hundred and sixty Canadians out of the Wuhan area Abigail Beeman has been talking to some of them.  Top story tonight we get up in the morning we brush our teeth routine is key for Canadian Wayne do plus C and his family as they spend most of their days inside their Wuhan apartment. It was like being on a Walking Dead episode it's no one around and you're used to things being a little quiet.

 Because all the bikes are electric and all the motorcycles are electric and so you use the things kind of coming up on you.  I turn a corner and boom there's like 20 people in masks we have a lot of food stocked up because of Chinese New Year and family members not coming here since the breakout so generally.  We know nobody in the house goes outside Vancouver right Patterson Wu was visiting his girlfriend's family in Wuhan.

 When the outbreak began he says entertaining himself is easier than staying positive as the number of sick grows He wants Canada to do more we're supposed to be one of the most modern countries in the world.  It's kind of sad to see like you know Koreans and Japanese they all mobilize so fast America. But we're so slow I would disagree with you in Ottawa the Foreign Affairs Minister pushed back on the claim.

Canada is slow as he announced Wednesday afternoon that a plane has been secured to get the 160 Canadians in China. who want help out Canada is at the forefront of the response we are talking with the allies and it's not an easy decision.  But we've decided to stay put du plus C is concerned about the potential of picking up the virus on the plane. Though he's worried about getting sick in China too one of the discussions. That I had with Emily my wife is about sharing passwords you know to our bank accounts and PayPal that sort of thing with our daughter. Who in Indonesia and if worse came to worst and we were no longer here as of Wednesday afternoon.

 Canada updated its travel advisory to China warning against all non-essential travel but there are still many unanswered questions. Such as when the plane will arrive what happens to the people on board. one thing that's not clear yet is whether China's attempt to contain the virus is working and whether people without symptoms can infect others. That will make containing this much harder the number of other countries with confirmed cases.

 Now of the new coronavirus is rising at least 18 countries and territories are reporting it Finland has confirmed its first case and the United Arab Emirates has also confirmed a case. The first in the Middle East at a Eurex West looks at the global response how quickly this virus is spreading outside of China. May prompt the World Health Organization to finally declare the outbreak an international health emergency.  Although the numbers outside China are still relatively small they hold the potential for a much larger outbreak the World Health Organization says at least six cases of the disease have now been transmitted outside China.  In Germany four people have become ill after a woman with no symptoms travel from China for business meetings. She was asymptomatic on arrival but became ill shortly before taking her return flight while there are still questions around. Corona virus spreads most cases have required prolonged close contact with someone.

 Who is already ill asymptomatic transmission isn't impossible but this would be breaking the mold right if suddenly a symptomatic transmission was a big way of the spreading around the world.

Biologically it doesn't make sense Canada's third case of the disease a BC man in his 40s has now been confirmed Ontario has two confirmed cases and of Wednesday morning. Ontario health officials were testing 23 others four people are also being tested in Saskatchewan. I think we need to be reassured that from the three cases reported in Canada. And other jurisdictions in two instances the person the confirmed cases are well enough to self isolate at home. But the World Health Organization says all countries need to remain vigilant as the number of sick continues to rise worldwide.
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