Purell Hand Sanitizers are a high first line of defense against the Flu.

The CDC has been recommending washing your hands with soap and water frequently to help with flu prevention if you're looking for an alternative, the CDC says that you're the best bet is to use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, Purell is the leading manufacturers of these hand sanitizers. For large organizations like schools and businesses, there are a few additional options like Touch-Free or Push-Style Dispensers. Purell also offers baskets of personalized hand sanitizers that are great to remind people to keep their hands clean.

Hand foam is excellent for people with children or sensitive skin.
As the flu season starts to roll in, people start thinking of solutions to keep themselves and their families happy and healthy. A great alternative to regular hand sanitizers you may not have thought about is Purell hand foam. Antibacterial hand foam can kill up to 99.99% of the germs that usually cause illness and flu-like symptoms. Purell hand foam has a soft feel that kids are more likely to use. The foam feels great on the hands and is fun for kids to play with. It is also less likely to dry your hands out if your skin is particularly sensitive

Purell hand wipes are a great alternative to regular gel hand sanitizers.
Sanitizing wipes come in sizes big and small, and they are also sometimes called hand sanitizing towelettes. It doesn't matter how big a Purell hand wipes you use, it still has the same germ-killing power as other Purell gel sanitizers or Purell foam hand sanitizers, and is still able to kill up to 99.99% of germs that often lead to illness. They are a great item to throw in your break room or kitchen or any other high traffic area with lots of people and lots of foot traffic


There are many ways you should be taking at home, at your business, or at your school to help in reducing the possibility of you or those around you getting the H1N1 virus (also known as "Swine Flu").

You should encourage those around you to be vigilant in covering their coughs or sneezes. Along with proper hygiene, this is a significant first step in warding off the Flu. Washing your hands always with water and soap and also making sure to have liquid soap readily available is another good step towards staying healthy. If it's not possible or convenient to get access to soap and water, an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or hand foam is a good alternative as recommended by the World Health Organization. The CDC also suggests using a gel sanitizer or hand wipes if soap and water are out of reach.

Another high priority should be high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, etc. where germs can quickly spread from one person to another. Antibacterial soaps or antibacterial hand wipes are another excellent way to help keep areas germ free.

Please be aware that if you have flu-like symptoms like runny nose, fever, coughing, etc. you're best off to stay home to reduce the chance of making others sick. The CDC suggests staying home for one full day once your fever goes away to minimize the chances of those around you contracting your illness.

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Facemasks & Respirators

The CDC has recently announced that its information regarding the actual effectiveness of respirators and face masks for the prevention of influenza or Swine Flu is limited at best. As a result, the CDC has done its best to make educated recommendations based on historical data regarding the use of face masks or N95 respirators, current information available about the spreading of the Swine Flu, and information provided to them by doctors.

At this point, there's no fool-proof way to make sure you won't contract the Swine Flu, but the CDC recommends a series of actions that can help to reduce your chances of getting sick. Here are their recommendations to help prevent your chances of illness:

Wash your hands frequently with both soap and water or use an alcohol-based hand cleaner (we suggest Purell or Gojo) if you don't have access to soap or water
Kindly Cover your mouth and nose when you're coughing or sneezing (a face mask will also help with this)
Don't try to touch your mouth, nose or eyes where germs spread easily
Avoid work when you have flu symptoms and stay home for 24 hours after your fever subsides
Stay six feet away from anyone with influenza-like symptoms

1. Sneezing into your hands keeps your peeps from getting the Flu.
Sort of, the point of sneezing into your hands is more about turning your head away from others when you're sneezing, preferably into your sleeve or a tissue. After sneezing, you should wash your hands immediately with soap and water or a hand sanitizer, so you don't spread germs around.
2. Just wait until March and then flu season is over.
If you heard about a little thing called the Swine Flu, you'd know it didn't even get rolling until April. Flu season usually runs from October to early spring, which could be March or April, depending on where you happen to live.

3. The Flu Vaccine will give you the Flu.
Surprise, the vaccine is created from an inactive virus, so, no flu. The shot can give you a fright and possibly a sore arm.

4. Wet hair + cold weather = Flu
Damp hair will make you feel cold and could potentially give you a head full of icicles, but it won't give you the Flu. The Flu is more common in the wintertime because we spend more time indoors with other people where germs spread. The temperature has nothing to do with it.

5. The Flu keeps the Swine Flu away.
Uh, no. The Swine Flu isn't regular old influenza, and it's a different strain with no vaccine. So that flu vaccine that you got a while back is no help for the Swine Flu.

Save money and waste with a Purell Dispenser for high traffic areas.
Purell has an ample supply of soap dispensers as well as refills for easy hand cleaning. There's no need for everyone in the office to have their bottle of Purell hand sanitizer, and you can save money and resources by installing Purell hand soap dispensers, they're an attractive, accessible and reliable option that will encourage use. They are also economical and environmentally friendly.

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