Zylast Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer


Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer For Germs Viruses

Can you imagine that the hands carry 95% of harmful viruses and bacteria? With the proper use of non alcoholic hand sanitizer, you can effectively reduce the risk for yourself and your family against self-contamination and harmful bacteria between regular hand washings and throughout the entire day.

Never Settle for Less!

Most people are unaware that the most popular hand sanitizers only fight germs and bacteria for up to 30 seconds, or until the product evaporates. However, when applied once every 2-4 hours, along with regular handwashing with soap and water, 4 Hour Protection™ antibacterial hand sanitizer provides longer-term effectiveness against 99.99% of the most common disease-causing germs, without drying out the skin. Why settle for 30 seconds of antibacterial activity when you can increase coverage for yourself and your family for hours? Effective parenting involves being proactive. Reduce the risk of disease-causing germs by the regular application of 4 Hour Protection™.

Fight Germs and Soothe the Skin

Our patented, the naturally plant-derived enriched formula, contains moisturizing agents designed to soften and soothe the skin with every application. You have to be surprised at how soft your skin will feel. Compare our cost-effective hand sanitizer to conventional instant hand sanitizers that dry out the skin and provide less than a minute of antibacterial activity, and discover why 4 Hour Protection™ is the best and most effective alcohol-free hand sanitizer available.

Keep on Fighting Germs — Even on the Go!

Make the convenient 4 Hour Protection™ 2 oz travel tube a "must-have" in your pocket, backpack or handbag. Our travel-size hand sanitizer makes it easy to fight germs for hours wherever you are ... at work, school, the gym, traveling, shopping, and more.

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